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Teenage angst grows stale with age. Like brandy.

I have discovered a wonderful thing about being an adult. All the things you tried to desperately hide from your parents as a teenager become completely null and void and become dinner table conversation.

Like this:

Me: So when I was in year 10 and we were at Sorrento and I found a bottle of brandy in the desk so I stole it.

My mother: Really?

Me: Mmm. I took it to a party and then when my friend ran out of alcohol she said do you have anything to drink and I said, hey, yeah, I have this bottle of brandy, do you want it? and she drank it and got really sick and then her boyfriend got really mad at me that my brandy made her sick and I’m all hey she chose to drink it I have no responsibility for what happened afterwards.

My mother: Did you drink any of the brandy?

Me: Oh no. I was smoking bongs.

My mother: Oh.

Image from Salt Lake – the magazine for Utah. Which, incidentally, sounds rad.

The Teenage Years—a Guest Entry

I am very pleased to announce that we have a GUEST ENTRY to our The Days of Our Adolescent Angst feature.

This diary entry was donated by an anonymous source. I hope it will give you the pleasure it gave me when I read it. My face still hurts from laughing.

Thursday 8th June 2000

Exams! 1st exams were English and Geography. Horrible and I don’t want to discuss.

My mother is a bitch. Yesterday she decided that my eye make-up was too much and “guys don’t wear it”. What the hell would she know. I do it because I want to and because I think it looks good. So many people have complimented it and the teachers haven’t said anything. Figgin’ hell! This morning she said she isn’t going to drive me to school with it on -> Bitch!

I can’t stand it!

Kate’s anger problem is pissing me off. She can’t have a normal conversation without chucking a spaz. Retard! She is so fucked in the head.

Going to see MI:2 2morrow. Seeing it with Roger, Pete, maybe Fred, Linda & Jane. It should be, from what I’ve seen, a pretty damn good movie.

I love Linda. I know it’s a lost cause but what can I do? Hmm? Nothing! If she chooses not to allow anything to happen, will, that’s fine by me. I think she knows I’ll be faithful to her always. I wish she would just go out with me!

I’m going gothic. I’ve decided once and for all to begin to find out about it. I love the feeling of power it gives me over people.

Enough for tonight – gotta go to sleep! G’night!

There are so many things I want to embrace from this I can’t list them. I’m sure you all know what they are.

We will be having more guest entries from our anonymous source soon. If YOU would like to be a guest blogger on Sophie Was a Dog with examples of your angst ridden teenage years, please go to the contact page I’m about to add and email me at the email I’m about to create.