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Lessons in Smiling Politely

This evening I went to the service station across the road from my house to buy a family block of chocolate to eat All By Myself, which is a little wretched in itself on a Saturday night at 10.30pm.

So I’m feeling somewhat delicate and I go to the counter and try to look like this was a family block of chocolate I was about to share with a rocking party I was hosting or whatever so the service station man wouldn’t think I was as wretched as I was thinking myself to be. So I’m all smiley and whatnot like wooo rocking party at my house just ducked out to get some chocolate you know, and service station man says: “You are looking really, really great. Just great.”

At this point I’m all oooooh that is SO NICE but privately thinking I can’t BELIEVE that the only person appreciating my greatness right now is the service station man that I see every day who probably knows I’m not hosting a rocking party At All but whatever it’s still all nice and maybe I should just suck it up and feel good about myself and just as I was planning to do this he follows up with:

“But with golden hair – much better.”