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Our Teenage Years Vol. II from our Special Guest Writer

Monday 12th June 2000

Bored! It’s 11:28pm and I’m BORED! Listening to cat Stevens and trying to sleep – too bad me!

I’m doing a play at school. It’s pretty good. I just need to learn my lines more betterer. I get to stand in a cardboard box thing with a lapel mike – heaps of fun!

Science Exam tomorrow from 11:15 until 1:30. Should be fun…. I “stuidied” a little . Got a Maths Exam on Wednesday, I think it’s approx. same times. Ha! Fun, fun, fun!

Mission Impossible was an alright movie. No storyline to it and very predictable but heaps of great action. Was alright and I went with Fred, Roger & Jane. Linda was in trouble with olds and wouldn’t come.

I’ve decided against gothic. It’s too boring now and people have put it down too much. Sick of people – especially my family!

I really need to be able to talk to someone about everything but there is no one that I’m able to talk to. I need Linda and I to go out out together more often – like friends. I love her so much.

That’s enough writing for tonight. I’ll write soon. G’night you wonderful thing (though not as wonderful as Linda)! Gotta go sleep – g’night!

Gothic lasted four days. FOUR.DAYS. No wonder no one takes teenagers seriously. BECAUSE WE WERE STUPID!

The Teenage Years—a Guest Entry

I am very pleased to announce that we have a GUEST ENTRY to our The Days of Our Adolescent Angst feature.

This diary entry was donated by an anonymous source. I hope it will give you the pleasure it gave me when I read it. My face still hurts from laughing.

Thursday 8th June 2000

Exams! 1st exams were English and Geography. Horrible and I don’t want to discuss.

My mother is a bitch. Yesterday she decided that my eye make-up was too much and “guys don’t wear it”. What the hell would she know. I do it because I want to and because I think it looks good. So many people have complimented it and the teachers haven’t said anything. Figgin’ hell! This morning she said she isn’t going to drive me to school with it on -> Bitch!

I can’t stand it!

Kate’s anger problem is pissing me off. She can’t have a normal conversation without chucking a spaz. Retard! She is so fucked in the head.

Going to see MI:2 2morrow. Seeing it with Roger, Pete, maybe Fred, Linda & Jane. It should be, from what I’ve seen, a pretty damn good movie.

I love Linda. I know it’s a lost cause but what can I do? Hmm? Nothing! If she chooses not to allow anything to happen, will, that’s fine by me. I think she knows I’ll be faithful to her always. I wish she would just go out with me!

I’m going gothic. I’ve decided once and for all to begin to find out about it. I love the feeling of power it gives me over people.

Enough for tonight – gotta go to sleep! G’night!

There are so many things I want to embrace from this I can’t list them. I’m sure you all know what they are.

We will be having more guest entries from our anonymous source soon. If YOU would like to be a guest blogger on Sophie Was a Dog with examples of your angst ridden teenage years, please go to the contact page I’m about to add and email me at the email I’m about to create.

My Teenage Years, Vol. III—New Years Eve

The summer holidays between Years 9 and 10 are always fraught with fun aren’t they? Below we have the New Year’s experience. I was 15.

1 January, 1999

So last night was New Years and I kissed this guy Sam, who I first thought was cute but he turned into a dickhead when I was totally stoned high on coca cola*.

So I ran away from him. He was shit anyway.

Later I was looking after Jack who was chucking in the bushes. I missed the countdown because he was lying on my legs passed out.

He knew I totally wanted to kiss him on the countdown but he told me before he wasn’t sure if he wanted to. Then when he woke up and he was still lying on my legs he told me that if he wasn’t feeling so shit he would definitely be with me. I am so in love with him.

It’s was pretty good party though.

I am speechless.

* I may have taken some artistic licence with this line.

My Teenage Years, Vol. II

Due to popular demand, here is another excerpt from one of my adolescent diaries. And when I say ‘popular demand’, I mean people keep telling me they want to laugh at me more.

Below is an entry I wrote on my first day of Year 11. It’s titled: ‘I am 16 and I have issues and the world judges me and fuck off while I listen to a bit more Hole and wear hoodies and too much eyeliner’.

Wednesday 2 February 2000


I’m sitting here way too early for school but extremely comfortable, listening to my walkman*, and the only person here is Kate Wood, who everyone hates but me. I just find her slightly annoying… and here she comes to annoy me. I HATE PEOPLE SITTING NEXT TO ME! God I hate pretending I want to spend time with people when I just want to be ALONE! I’m just not going to talk to anyone this year. Hopefully this’ll stop really annoying people talking to me when I couldn’t care less if they flung themselves into oncoming traffic.

It’s now 8.28am and I’m sort of wishing someone else would come because I don’t want to talk to Kate because she smiles too much.

Am I serious? Am. I. Serious? That’s the end. Clearly I was a tortured soul. Was the term ’emo’ coined because someone met me at this very moment? I’m pretty sure the term ‘utter idiot’ was.

*Walkmans rock.

My Year 10 Diary—A Literary Triumph

In the spirit of my childhood I have been rereading my Year 10 diary. I thought it would be funny to share some paragraphs on this blog until I got to, oh I don’t know, perhaps the fifth word of said diary and realised it would not be funny, it would just be plain humiliating. However, I would like to share some examples of how I spoke in my adolescent years:

I looked so fez today.

FEZ! That meant feral. Which meant ugly. Which meant I was an utter loser for saying something so stupid.

I can’t believe she got with him. He gets with everyone.

This means ‘made out’ or ‘kissed’. Of course it does.

Bec got full cut at me.

Am I kidding? Am. I. Kidding. ‘Full cut’? This, I remember, means ‘cross.’ Bec was ‘cross’ with me today. Let’s see what I did to make her full cut at me… oh I see:

Today was a pretty bad day cos Bec got full cut at me at lunch. See, J was wearing chopsticks in her hair and Bec does that so Bec got fully cut at J b/c she thought she was copying her and then I tried to reason things out so Bec being Bec got shitty at me and ignored me at lunch.

O, THE DRAMAS! I can’t read anymore.