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For Stanley

Stanley is a stranger, but I bet he is rad. Anyway, Stanley commented on a Sophie post, admitting he found Sophie after searching for ladybugs. But he explained WHY he was searching for ladybugs, so that’s why this post is dedicated to him.

Now, I am going to offer a PRIZE to anyone who can explain to me why people are so obsessed with ladybugs as seen in the below screenshot of search terms people type in that leads them to this blog.

Or you could just tell me why YOU are searching for ladybugs. I would appreciate it.

And for first time visitors: this blog, ASTONISHINGLY, is not actually about ladybugs.

People also clearly like red heads. Of which I am now again.

I don’t think that was entirely grammatically correct. “Of which I am… something something.” I was trying to say my hair is red again. I feel more like me. Which is weird. Because in real life I’m blonde.

I also want to know the life story of the person who searched for ‘Get off bitch I’m doing science”. Cos that person would have an awesome life story.

Why Ladybugs are Evil.

An evil ladybug hatching secret evil plans to take over the planet.

I am scared of, and hate with a passion, ladybugs. They trick you. They crawl on your arm, and you’re like, heeeey ladybug, let’s put you on this little leaf here. And so you do and you go inside, and you open the fridge to get like, some milk or something, and you look down and the ladybug is back on your arm. And you’re all, that’s so weird, the ladybug is back, I was pretty certain I put him on leaf just a minute ago. So you put down the milk and go outside and you put the ladybug on ANOTHER leaf feeling all virtuous that you’re ‘saving’ this ladybug and making him happy all chilling out on the leaf and shit.

And then you might leave your house, and get on a train or something, and you go all the way across the city and you get off the train and you feel a tickle on your arm and you look down and SOMEHOW THE LADYBUG IS BACK.

What. The. Fuck. The above is an Actual True Story.

Ladybugs are evil. They are just another bug that looks pretty and this is on PURPOSE so they can manipulate the human race. Don’t trust that shit.