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Sophie’s Nostalgic Look in the Past of the Day


These guys were So Fun. We kept them in empty icecream tubs. And then we discovered they made GLITTER Hama Beads! And GLOW IN THE DARK Hama Beads! Was there any end to the fun? Well, yes:

1. When you really, really, really needed just one more purple glitter bead to finish off your art piece extravaganza and you realise you’ve already ironed on the last purple glitter bead on to another art piece extravaganza. So you think just using plain purple will work. But it doesn’t. So then you accidentally on purpose destroy the other art piece extravaganza to use one of the purple glitter beads on your new art piece extravaganza but it’s all melty and not the same.

2. When you step on them.

3. When you’ve spent hours putting your beads on the board and then you accidentally knock the table and they all jump out of place.

4. When you drop your entire bucket of Hama Beads on the floor. You will be finding them for weeks.

5. When you finally finish a masterpiece and you get out the baking paper to iron it to make it all melty and stuck together and you get too excited so start peeling the baking paper off far too early and half the beads come off with the paper and the other half are still on the board.

Hama Beads ROCKED.