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A Guest Contribution from the Infamous Helen: A Photo Essay

In a previous post, we discussed The Rape Alleys of Melbourne, in which my friend Helen and myself went Adventuring across the city to Discover.

What we didn’t tell you (or really, what I didn’t tell you as this is the first time Helen has contributed to Sophie. In fact, she doesn’t know she’s contributing yet but I’m sure she’ll be okay with it. I hope she’ll be okay with it. If she isn’t, then this post will be Deleted Forever, so get all over it while you can) yeah, so what we didn’t tell you was that during our Adventures we had—

A Horrid Experience.

This is our story…


Stay tuned for The Rape Alleys of Melbourne Part III: The Measuring of the Tiny Alley.

*I’m much prettier then this in real life.

Dining Quote of the Day

“How was the food?”

“I can’t talk about it. It was the worst best thing ever.”

“I’m getting mixed messages.”

“It was good in the same way cheating is.”

“… I know exactly what you mean.”