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Search terms of the day

As previously discussed, I can look up what people have typed into WordPress that has led them to my blog. The current leaders are ‘hit girl wallpaper’ and ‘jessica true blood’, both of which pop up at least once a day.

But yesterday WordPress told me that someone in the universe typed in the following that led them to the Sophie Love:

hairdresser having sex while blow drying

I am now going to type this into Google images and see what happens…

Yeah, okay. That was totally boring. I was hoping for some kinky high jinks but it was just girls with perfect hair wielding Remingtons.

Gym clothes from Lulu Lemon do not make you classy

You can flash your diamond and shop in Hawksburn all you want. But if yew tawlk loik this verry lowdly on your iphoyne tew Kaytlan abewt the jim… I’m gonna think you’re lost with stolen ice on your finger.

The Sophie Was a Dog Thought for the Day

If you politely stand aside to let elderly citizens go first, you will end up running really late.

The Sophie Was a Dog Thought for the Day

If I am expressing my love for lists, it is probably best not to exclaim loudly how every time I complete a task it’s like I have an ‘anal orgasm’.