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Quote of the Day

Mum and I were looking at printers.

Printer man: This one can scan negatives.

Mum: Oh, she’s too young to know about negatives.

Me: Mum, I was born in ’83, not ’93. I used to keep my weed in an empty film canister.

Mum: Oh.

Yet another Adolescent Quote of the Day. Because they just don’t stop being stupid.

I hate it when chicks tell you their fuckin’ problems and you’re like, ‘fuck! I can’t have sex with you now!’

14 year old boy (yes, that’ right, 14) on a train.

Adolescent Quote of the Day

What are you doing?

Reading the news.

Oh. I should do that.

Well, it’s not the real news. It’s It’s not, The Age, or anything.

I don’t get it.

It’s not as sophisti… serious as The Age.

Oh. Kinda like Golden Globe dresses compared to Oscars dresses?

Yes. Just like that.

The Adolescent Quote of the Day

“What were some of the significant events in the 1970s in America?”

“Well that would be the war, for a start.”

“The Second World War?”

Year 12 student. Our Leaders of Tomorrow.

Dining Quote of the Day

“How was the food?”

“I can’t talk about it. It was the worst best thing ever.”

“I’m getting mixed messages.”

“It was good in the same way cheating is.”

“… I know exactly what you mean.”

The Boy Quote of the Day

“He is not really cute. He is cute in a way that ugly people are when they have an awesome personality.”

Wisdom in St Kilda

Windsor Quote of the Day

“I always thought Fitzroy boys were for me, but on the way here… I don’t know. I think I’m really liking what Windsor is putting out there.”

“Well boys from Windsor are like boys from Fitzroy… but they’re cleaner. They’re all like, ‘Yes, I have the tatts, yes I have the glasses and the hair… but I have MORE tatts! And I’m RICH!'”

The wisdom of two sisters.