For Stanley

Stanley is a stranger, but I bet he is rad. Anyway, Stanley commented on a Sophie post, admitting he found Sophie after searching for ladybugs. But he explained WHY he was searching for ladybugs, so that’s why this post is dedicated to him.

Now, I am going to offer a PRIZE to anyone who can explain to me why people are so obsessed with ladybugs as seen in the below screenshot of search terms people type in that leads them to this blog.

Or you could just tell me why YOU are searching for ladybugs. I would appreciate it.

And for first time visitors: this blog, ASTONISHINGLY, is not actually about ladybugs.

People also clearly like red heads. Of which I am now again.

I don’t think that was entirely grammatically correct. “Of which I am… something something.” I was trying to say my hair is red again. I feel more like me. Which is weird. Because in real life I’m blonde.

I also want to know the life story of the person who searched for ‘Get off bitch I’m doing science”. Cos that person would have an awesome life story.

5 responses to “For Stanley

  1. I’m sooo honored! I’ll tell you what i know so we can solve this mystery of collective consciousness ladybug fetishism.

    The first thing i noticed when i typed ‘ladybug’ in Google was the search suggestion ‘ladybug symbolism’ and ‘ladybug meaning’. First that tells me that people are obsessed with assigning meaning to anything they encounter and it totally disproves that mankind has moved on from a mythological and subjective way of looking at nature to a more scientific and rational stance. Maybe that’s a blessing or a burden for mankind, I don’t know.

    But i thought that looking into the symbolism about this pesky little creature would be a good place to start. A theme that recurs, concerning the ladybug, is that it somehow stands for luck. Another supposed meaning is that it stands for peace. In Holland, where i live, the ladybug is a symbol that is used as the logo of ‘the foundation against senseless violence’ which obviously corresponds with the ‘peace’ part. Your story about how you seemed unable to shake off a ladybug means you were receiving a stroke of good luck, or maybe were in need of it. You choose.

    What’s the reason that ladybugs have such a special place in our collective consciousness? And why would you be lucky if one happens to land on your arm? This might have something to do with that in the course of history it saved communities from starvation because of plagues of aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs, and mites. Back in the day a farmer would be screwed with any pest because of the lack of oil based pesticides, so the ladybug who feeds on these crop destroying pests were a blessing indeed. In Dutch the ladybug is called ‘lieveheersbeestje’ which basically means: “Little creature sent to you by the Lord, with love”. Not that i’m religious or anything.

    But still i think that the above doesn’t really give a satisfactory answer to the question why so many people are looking for pictures of ladybugs and subsequently winding up at your blog. I have a little theory that might point us in the right direction. The image of the evil insect is simple to reproduce, even if you are a child under the age of 5. All you need is some red paper that you cut in the shape of a balloon, stick it on a white sheet of paper, stick on some black spots and draw the little legs around it and viola, a home made image of something that refers to ‘cute’ and ‘nature’. How uplifting. The ‘kindergarten-theory’ also applies, for example, to the Amanita muscaria mushroom, the famous red mushroom with the white spots, which probably got its fame due to its psychotropic effects, but that’s beside the point.

    I hope this helps you with your query of why so many people are searching for ladybugs. And in the case that you haven’t noticed yet: I too am a nerd. Nerds rule.

    • Okay, so they means luck if they sit on your arm … Great, I’ve had that happen loads of times as a child .. And now my question to you, my dear nerd 😉 If it PEES on your arm while sitting there… what does that mean? xD Happened to me all the time as a kid – wich kinda made me hate them … No respect at all D: Very peculiar actually, since they never did that on any of my sisters or school mates … Was that just a sign, that I should get used to people taking a dump on me? xD

      Oh well, ladybugs of evil! I got in here after searching for a red head picture I used half a year ago and wanted to relocate. I did find it, just ended up in here a few pictures before that xD

  2. Get off bitch I’m doing science is possibly the greatest search term ever googled.

  3. I was complaining that pest control companies use cute bugs as their logo, which is stupid since they kill them horribly. Someone bet me I couldn’t find 7 companies, so I did. One I used was a local company with a ladybug logo. Someone asked why anyone would kill lady bugs. A Google search of “Evil Ladybugs” lead me to your page.

    …and then you ruined fight club for me 😐

    • I am very sorry Fight Club is all over for you, but in my defence I DID put a warning up. I would also never kill a ladybug. Mostly because I’m scared their family will come and eat my face while I sleep in revenge.

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