My Ladybug Response

I AM CONFUSED. And not just blonde confused, like actually confused. And also amused. Confused and Amused.

About two months ago, all of a sudden I was getting hundreds of hits a day, out of the blue. I’m thinking okay, this is weird, but I like it. What’s going on? It turns out all the hits were from people searching for ladybugs. And I mean, SEARCHING. Searching for ladybugs, picture of ladybug, ladybug on leaf, ladybug in garden, ladybug flying. Any variation of ladybug you could think of, people were searching for it.

Which led them to a post I wrote about a year ago, in which I expressed my dislike of ladybugs. You can read it here.

WELL. Talk about bringing out the hate. I think ladybugs are kinda creepy, true. I would prefer a Daddy-Long-Legs in my house (as we all know) than a ladybug. It turns out this opinion makes me a Monster who Defies God and blah blah etc etc. Though from the longs bits of Wikipedia text on the merits of ladybugs have been informative and appreciated. These people really like ladybugs. Like, LOVE ladybugs. And that, to me, is a bit creepier than the, what I thought, was a PAINFULLY tongue-in-cheek narrative on them.

But the CREEPIEST thing about all this is the following:

Why the HELL are all these people searching for blogs on ladybugs? I’m talking hundreds a day. And all of a sudden. Did a ladybug save some kid’s life in another country and it just didn’t make the news over here or something? Am now picturing a SuperHero Ladybug in a cape swooping down and saving a cherubic child from a burning building. In which case I totally understand the public obsession with them overnight.

But if that didn’t happen people… well. You’re all pretty weird. I await your outrage with anticipation and glee.

6 responses to “My Ladybug Response

  1. Ladybugs are not evil nothing.Anyone that thinks that a Ladybug is evil is being rediculous, grow up, there is nothing evil about a beautiful ,tiny, little creature.I love Ladybugs.They are BEAUTIFUL and harmless.

  2. Hi! I’m afraid i’m one of those people that arrived at your blog looking for an image of a ladybug. I have an excuse though, i was also looking for an image of a ladybug larva I wanted to expose their dark side.
    But he, who cares because i’m delightfully surprised by your blog entries, they are pretty cool. Nice black humor.
    And as the appearance of the larvae shows: ladybugs are evil. And even when they look cute in their final form, they are ferocious predators preying and picking on insects smaller than they are. Bullies, that’s what ladybugs are!

    • Stanley, you are clearly the best person EVER.

      Perhaps you can answer the question… Why do people keep searching for ladybugs?? I’m going to try and screenshot the amount of people who try and look for ladybugs so you can understand the weirdness.

    • I totally just dedicated an entire post to you, because you questioned the ladybug domination. Yeah, get on that shit you weird ‘ladybugs are God’s creatures’ people.

  3. Haha! I think this post is brilliant- i found this picture looking for a picture of a ladybug to draw for art class but nethermind that lol….moving on… i love how miffed everyone is that you insulted a ladybug…. it’s like some sort of new red spotted cult =)

  4. People search for the word “lady” and “bugs.” Perhaps you left a space between the two somewhere along the line. Perhaps it was fate smiling upon you. Perhaps it will always be a “perhaps” scenario. Perhaps my post will lead to increased traffic due to an increased interest in the word “perhaps.” Perhaps I should start a blog because I am talented in talking about the trivial. Perhaps the trivial is where the talent comes from. Such a world of unexplained mystery.

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