Things I will do when I win the lottery (that’s right—When)

I am going to skip over the standard things that everyone knows they will do. Like, buy a house/car/round the world ticket/investment property/possibly or proably not pay off massive uni fees/shopping spree/beauty treatments/charity efforts.

I’m thinking more of the things you think about or dream about and you never get around to it cos it’s too expensive all at once:

1. Get all my pictures framed. Framing is insane expensive and I have lots of pretty vintage posters and artwork by my sister that needs to be totally framed. Like, I have a lot of it.

2. Get all my Very Old Books That Are Falling Apart rebound.

3. Arrange for my Dream Massage which sounds dodgy, but really means that one person massages my right foot and leg, another my left foot and leg, one each for the arms and hands, one for my neck and the last one for my head. That’s six people. SIX. Cos you know if you have a massage and you’re thinking yeah, this is really nice, I can’t wait until they get to my lower back, and then they do and the rest of you feels all neglected. Imagine my six people extravaganza. This is still sounding super dodgy.

4. Have my dream clothes especially made for me so I don’t have to shop. I don’t like shopping.

5. Complete my Sweet Valley High collection courtesy of ebay.

6. Install a secret passage in my house because I always wanted one. Having said that, I guess that could just go under ‘buy house’ because my dream house would already have a secret passage.

7. Buy all my childhood movies on DVD to install on my awesome entertainment system in previously discussed dream house.

That’s all I can think of right now that isn’t blindingly obvious. I am sure I will think of more things.

2 responses to “Things I will do when I win the lottery (that’s right—When)

  1. I feel like everyone wants a secret passage in their house! That was my biggest dream as a kid (and now).

  2. Ooh, that dream massage sounds super!

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