We play, smoke, share…

Tuesday 27th June 2000

Da da! Hellooo! So, wat’s up? They say the sky is. Hee hee hee! Funee!

‘Nother great day at band. I bought my first 2 decks today – 20 Peter JACSON (Super mild) x2. Dave is going to swap me a Longbeach 40 for one pack of PJ’s – I’m happy! He’s also giving me a lighter so I’m all set.

This is seriously like a drug swap. It’s amazing. I love the detail! Especially the apostrophe in ”nother’.

Dave is staying tomorrow night so we’ll have fun! He’s coming home with us tomorrow and then we’re driving him to band.

I love smoking! It feels great and I reckon it looks good too. Biffy doesn’t like me -> thank goodness! She’s just being a great pal. She’s a very touching & feeling sort of person.

I am dead. DEAD. This entire paragraph kills me. I just tried to quote my favourite bits but ended up writing out the entire paragraph again.

I wish I could tell Mum & Dad about the smoking thing. I just really want them to know about it so there is no confrontation later on. I know in my bones that they’ll find out. I mean Mum is so nosey she pokes around in everything. I don’t even know where to hide the decks that I got but I suppose I’ll find somewhere.

I love the feeling of being part of a group like band. We have so much fun together. We play, smoke, share and have fun together. We all like each other and respect the skills each person has.

“We play, smoke, share…” Dying some MORE. It’s like a testimonial for all adolescent experiences. It’s actually on the front cover of the brochure next to a picture of a bunch of kids with guitars and drum sticks, smoking and sharing.

Well, it’s 9:30pm (approx.)! I better get to sleep and be ready for tomorrow. G’night!

Can’t even breathe.

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