There is no title that will adequately describe my joy with this entry

Monday 26th June 2000

First day of band camp* and it was fun. Dave and Tim are in my group so it’s even more fun!

I’m smoking everywhere now. I need to get Nick/Lauren or maybe (probably) Dave to buy me a deck. I smoke at band & when I’m with school friends (i.e. Nick & Lauren). So much fun.

I feel that Biffy likes me. I don’t know why but I get the feeling she does. She’s cool but I wouldn’t go out with her.

I AM SHATTERED. Who WOULDN’T go out with me? … yeah, no one needs to comment an answer to that.

I wish I could smoke openly but…. Too young. It’s all I think about now-a-days. Am I addicted? Think about this point.

I figure… what’s the use with loving Linda! I mean it’s obvious she’ll never like me so I think I’ll just get on with life. Maybe Melanie is the way to go. I mean – Jane told me she liked me. Maybe!

I’ve stopped feeling sorry for me and have now started feeling sorry for Melanie.

It’s 8:08pm and I’m just going to have some cornflakes and a tumbler of milk and then go to sleep. I need it for tomorrow. I’m working an hour each morning at Dad’s work.

I need a smoke! If Mum & Dad found out I’d discuss it rationally.** I’d sit down (they’d both be having hissy fits!) and I’d tell them that they have no actual way of stopping me & “at least I’m not drugs”!

Well, I better go to sleep. G’night!

* Hee hee! Band Camp! I changed this just for the fun.

** There is no such thing as a rational teenager.

One response to “There is no title that will adequately describe my joy with this entry

  1. i think my favourite is ACTUALLY ‘a tumbler of milk’ who the fuck says that in regular conversation let alone diaries? AWESOME!!

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