Where o where is Linda? O fickle youth!

Friday 23rd June 2000

Hello! Hello! It’s 11:45pm and Josh is here. We have just been to the band break up thingy – heaps of fun! The bands were great and it was pretty loud music. Heaps of moshing!

Smoking is the best! I love it sssooooooo much. I did it with Pete Bannen, Nick (some dude), Shane & Mary. Heaps & heaps of fun. Don’t know why I like doing it but the feeling it gives me is great – fun, fun, fun. If Dad finds out about it I’ll just tell him that he did it.


I had to get clarification on the smoking here. Like, dude, were you talking about weed here? You’re oddly obsessed. No. Just good ol’ cigarettes. I remember the days when smoking was such an Event. It was very, okay, so we’ll meet at lunchtime behind Mobil, right? and you bring the pack and I’ll bring the lighter. And tell Natasha cos I think she wants to come. Don’t tell Hannah though cos I’m full cut at her at the mo.

We were so organised and sneaky!

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