Our Teenage Years Vol. II from our Special Guest Writer

Monday 12th June 2000

Bored! It’s 11:28pm and I’m BORED! Listening to cat Stevens and trying to sleep – too bad me!

I’m doing a play at school. It’s pretty good. I just need to learn my lines more betterer. I get to stand in a cardboard box thing with a lapel mike – heaps of fun!

Science Exam tomorrow from 11:15 until 1:30. Should be fun…. I “stuidied” a little . Got a Maths Exam on Wednesday, I think it’s approx. same times. Ha! Fun, fun, fun!

Mission Impossible was an alright movie. No storyline to it and very predictable but heaps of great action. Was alright and I went with Fred, Roger & Jane. Linda was in trouble with olds and wouldn’t come.

I’ve decided against gothic. It’s too boring now and people have put it down too much. Sick of people – especially my family!

I really need to be able to talk to someone about everything but there is no one that I’m able to talk to. I need Linda and I to go out out together more often – like friends. I love her so much.

That’s enough writing for tonight. I’ll write soon. G’night you wonderful thing (though not as wonderful as Linda)! Gotta go sleep – g’night!

Gothic lasted four days. FOUR.DAYS. No wonder no one takes teenagers seriously. BECAUSE WE WERE STUPID!

One response to “Our Teenage Years Vol. II from our Special Guest Writer

  1. OH MY GOD …mystery diary person… who is linda and why is she so good?? i want more of this linda.

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