My Teenage Years, Vol. III—New Years Eve

The summer holidays between Years 9 and 10 are always fraught with fun aren’t they? Below we have the New Year’s experience. I was 15.

1 January, 1999

So last night was New Years and I kissed this guy Sam, who I first thought was cute but he turned into a dickhead when I was totally stoned high on coca cola*.

So I ran away from him. He was shit anyway.

Later I was looking after Jack who was chucking in the bushes. I missed the countdown because he was lying on my legs passed out.

He knew I totally wanted to kiss him on the countdown but he told me before he wasn’t sure if he wanted to. Then when he woke up and he was still lying on my legs he told me that if he wasn’t feeling so shit he would definitely be with me. I am so in love with him.

It’s was pretty good party though.

I am speechless.

* I may have taken some artistic licence with this line.

5 responses to “My Teenage Years, Vol. III—New Years Eve

  1. The. Best.

    You should turn your entire diary from this era into a script for an edgy teen drama/comedy… it will be multi levelled, teens these days will consider it a drama, ex teens will find it hilarious and nostalgic… do it.

  2. Andrew Kroenert

    Nothing says hot like a spew covered teenager.

    Love love love this.

    And YES script of your childhood please!!

  3. Awwww thanks guys!!! You guys rock!! 🙂 🙂


  5. Wow! That sounds like an awesome party! Have things changed much???

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