Midget Hookers Make Me Popular

I am sitting in the Dome Room at the State Library with Helen, and it’s very pretty and we’re discussing blog hits. But quietly, because it’s the State Library and the Dome Room and you have to be really quiet when you’re in here and pretend you’re all scholarly.

This is where we are. See all those scholarly people? Yeah, we’re pretending we’re one of them.

So we’re discussing blog hits, and how to generate them, and what makes people who are not your friends and immediate family look at your blog and it all comes down to the TAGS people.

So Helen and I are going to do a little experiment. I am going to proceed to tag this post with every weird and sexual thing, between us, we can think of, and see what happens.

The two of us are all about the research.

3 responses to “Midget Hookers Make Me Popular

  1. Lauren (from Uni)

    I’ve stumbled across your blog rather by accident. Although I am a little peeved that my google search of “midget sauna sex” directed me here, I am still highly amused by your posts.

    Very funny.

    P.S- Actually googling those terms took me to http://www.homemadesextube.com which I have now saved into my favourites, so the day wasn’t completely wasted. I think I may be losing my RMIT library privileges now; I’ll have to explain that when I try to research for the exegesis.

  2. I’ve never been to the state library, but from that picture it looks pretty cool… I assume the idea is one person sits in the centre and all the people on the long aisles concentrate and all their cognitive powers are channelled into the person sitting at the centre, giving them all knowledge of the world… Sounds fun!

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