My Year 10 Diary—A Literary Triumph

In the spirit of my childhood I have been rereading my Year 10 diary. I thought it would be funny to share some paragraphs on this blog until I got to, oh I don’t know, perhaps the fifth word of said diary and realised it would not be funny, it would just be plain humiliating. However, I would like to share some examples of how I spoke in my adolescent years:

I looked so fez today.

FEZ! That meant feral. Which meant ugly. Which meant I was an utter loser for saying something so stupid.

I can’t believe she got with him. He gets with everyone.

This means ‘made out’ or ‘kissed’. Of course it does.

Bec got full cut at me.

Am I kidding? Am. I. Kidding. ‘Full cut’? This, I remember, means ‘cross.’ Bec was ‘cross’ with me today. Let’s see what I did to make her full cut at me… oh I see:

Today was a pretty bad day cos Bec got full cut at me at lunch. See, J was wearing chopsticks in her hair and Bec does that so Bec got fully cut at J b/c she thought she was copying her and then I tried to reason things out so Bec being Bec got shitty at me and ignored me at lunch.

O, THE DRAMAS! I can’t read anymore.

5 responses to “My Year 10 Diary—A Literary Triumph

  1. More! More! More! You can’t stop there, that is amazing…

  2. FULL CUT?!?!?!!? this is the what mum and dad’s hard earned fanciest education money paid for. you could have at least said ‘fully cut’. jesus.

  3. biffy, where the hell did that TINY smiley face (top right hand corner) come from and WHY does it do NOTHING?!!

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