Sophie Was a Dog: leading you not into temptation and delivering you from evil every day

So earlier in the week I wrote about my friend Helen’s blog, ‘Scream Under Streetlights.’ When I told her about this she typed what she thought was Sophie’s address in the little bar up the top of the screen there to check it out.

This is what she typed:

Which, as a Blogspot address, doesn’t exactly lead to here. But it does lead to SOMEWHERE!

This is what she got:

You may not be able to see it properly so I will try my best to explain. I don’t know if I can do it justice though. It’s about the Bible. Like a LOT. Click for a bigger image. But that’s not the best bit! It comes with your very own DOOMSDAY CLOCK!!!!

See that? Ticking away to our DOOM. Well it’s not actually ticking per se, it’s more just a picture of a clock. Like a clipart type effort. Which is a little slack I think, as I was all excited to see how long we all had left, but it’s really just a teaser saying it’s limited time, but no one really knows how limited, so better get in now just in case. Kind of like an infomercial. Infomercials are full of limited things.

It also has a handy Google Images picture of where Doomsday is apparently taking place and actually  looks like a lovely spot for a picnic.

So after the Doomsday clock it talks about Evil for awhile, and how every prophecy in the Bible has come to pass etc. And why accepting Jesus as your saviour and BFF is like, totally awesome. But before even THAT happens, to reeeeeally sucker people in to call now and get a free rosary or some shit, it has a testimonial!


But the real question is…

How the HELL did they steal Sophiewasadog away from me. I understand there is probably some computer related explanation. I don’t want to hear it. It’s obviously on purpose. They are trying to make me read their site and make me one of them.

So sly.

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