Scream Under Streetlights

For those who like music—and I’ve heard rumours that people do—click on this little link here:

Scream Under Streetlights is Very Funny. I can’t go without some copy and paste action here, and even though you’re clicking, I still want this marvellous sentence on my blog:

For six tracks out of eight it’s as if someone poured blazing hot sulphuric acid into my ear cavities then Mr. Blonded me Reservoir Dogs style. First single Party In The USA is a hillbilly pop nightmare where kiddy strippers trade their six inch clear plastic heels for some equally awful cowboy shit kickers. Still, it’s so darn catchy you can’t help singing along even if you’re bleeding from every orifice in your head.

This is in reference to Miley Cyrus’ The Time of our Lives album and trust me, there’s more.

It is unfair to say it is all snark, but as we all know, making fun of people (whether it’s myself or no) is one of my favourite things, so you can’t blame me if the snarky bits are what I think are the highlights on Helen Barradell and Ben Gunzburg’s music and photography blog.

If you like your music journalism, or just your music, or just making fun of people, it’s quite the radtastic read.

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