Meet Me at Mikes: total radness

Meet Me at Mikes is a beautiful little shop in Brunswick St that used to be on Bridge Rd and is awesome no matter where it is.

I started visiting Meet Me at Mikes (it’s the type of shop you ‘visit’ not just ‘go to’), when it was in Bridge Rd a number of years ago. There  I met the Very Amazing Lovely Pip, who is Mrs Meet Me at Mikes and one of those people you want to put in your pocket and take out again at parties. She is that fun and awesome.

So Pip’s shop is full to the brim with pretty things and homemade badges and jewellery and Little Golden Books and vintage clothing and crafty wonders and until my collection got embarrassingly large and I actually owned them all, it’s where I went to stock up on my Sweet Valley High books circa 1987.

Pip and the rest of the staff greet every person who walks in like they are the very person they wanted to see all day long. So not only is Meet Me at Mikes a treasure trove of radness, it’s also a beautiful massage to your self esteem. What’s not to love!

Check out the Meet Me at Mikes blog here:

And go visit here:

63 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Tuesday to Friday 11-6

Saturday 11-5

closed Sunday and Monday

It is hard for me to write something that isn’t saturated in a lot of snark, but it’s physically impossible to snark on Meet Me at Mikes. It’s your childhood wrapped up in one awesome little shop! Perfect!

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