My new favourite thing

I am not usually a recommender  of things to read unless it is a big fat book. Like big fat. Like Gone With the Wind fat. I find people whose reading material consists of the tv guide and their iPod playlists a little disturbing and I feel sorry for them and think they must have grown up in one of those houses that didn’t have books and they ate their dinner in front of the television and didn’t know what the game 500 was and didn’t play street cricket and didn’t know what it was like to get a Q on a triple word score.

I had an idyllic childhood. Very nerdy, but idyllic.

But today I am recommending a magazine cos it’s awesome. And it’s not just a picture book of pretty girls in pretty dresses with pretty airbrushing. I don’t like those magazines. And there are no bullshit articles about why grapefruit and egg whites on your hair makes you skinny and pleases your man at the same time.

frankie is fun, cute, cheeky, whimsical and informative. It has lots of cute things in it that they’ve found to make your life that much more awesome (my favourite in the current issue being a pony lamp. That’s right, a lamp and a pony, created together to make a pony lamp. Best thing ever.) interviews, commentary on the wonders of being a 20 something (which I am) or a 30 something (which I’m looking forward to somewhat), profiles on designers, beautiful artwork and photography and etc. It’s a pretty damn good read, very inspiring and very pretty to look at.

My love affair was cemented when they referenced Heathers which is the quintessential 80s black comedy cult classic which I am incidentally writing my thesis on.

So you should totes check it out. It’s quite the radtastic publication:

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