Why being single is seriously sometimes sweeter

Once upon a time I was going out with this guy. I won’t mention any names but it began with T and had an O and an M in it. Let’s call him Brian.

Anyway, so Brian and I are at the beach. This is the front beach at Sorrento, just outside of Melbourne. And it’s a cold, wintery day and no one else is on the beach and we’re having a somewhat romantic-ish walk* and I make an Exciting Discovery.

My Exciting Discovery is that the sand is perfect, Perfect, for sandcastle making.

As in the tide has made it all packed down but not too wet and not too dry just absolutely perfect amazing awesome sandcastle making sand.

Me: Brian!

Brian: Yeah?

Me: This is perfect sandcastle making sand!

Brian: Huh?

Me: Let’s make a sandcastle!

And Brian looks at me and I look at Brian and I’m all excited and woooo yay! making sandcastles totally rocks and isn’t it exciting when you get to go back and be a little kid again and have an awesome time on a deserted beach on a wintery day with your gorgeous loved one and won’t this be an amazing memory to look back on when we’re old and grey telling our grandkiddies about the day we made a sandcastle together at Sorrento.

and then:

Brian: Um… don’t you think that’s a little childish?


The Exact Moment when I realised that Brian and I would never be old and grey together and what a relief that was.

*both of us are kinda just bored and cold but sticking with it cos we’ve heard this is what couples do.

One response to “Why being single is seriously sometimes sweeter

  1. How can somebody not want to make a sandcastle? :O I will never understand Brian.

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