Collingwood Plug of the Day

Sparkly hoops from Juggleart

When I was just a little girl (18) and living in the pit of private schooling (Kew) and could only DREAM of the wonders of Fitzroy (see below quote) I got my hippie on by buying myself a fire stick that I could twirl to my heart’s content. I didn’t learn very much but it was a beautiful time and now whenever I smell kerosene I think of summer.

Now a number of years on (okay, eight) I discover that the fire stick shop has moved a stone’s throw away from me at about the same time as I decide I want to become a champion hula hooper. Hence my utter excitement when I find that you can get totally rad and sparkly and pretty hula hoops from Juggleart in Collingwood for only $30. Now I know Christmas is pretty much hence now, or it will be very soon, so the whole buying for presents is out. HOWEVER. I bought my hoop right. And then all of a sudden people SEE my hoop and THEY want a hoop. I’m now a hoop dealer and you can be one too! The only advice I have is when friends and family ask you how much said hoop is, and ask you to pick one up for their own hula hooping fun, you tell them they’re $35 so you make a bit on the side. I didn’t do this and I promise I regret it to my very core.

And THEN when you buy hoops for friends and family, and you see said hoops sitting next to YOUR hoop before you do the changeover and realise how pretty multiple hoops look standing next to each other, that’s when you want to buy Even More.

They are very nice and friendly at Juggleart and they let you play with things in the shop which is not so much a shop more of an awesome circus shed of wonders. There may be a moment when you hold your hoop and see people on unicycles and shit and feel a tiny bit pathetic that your’re holding a hoop and not a trapeze or something AMAZING, but not for long cos the Juggleart people are so nice and after all hula hoops are pretty fucking awesome anyway.

They also have heaps of information on classes (not just for hooping but for other crazy circus related things) and if you’re lucky they give you a free lesson then and there and all of a sudden you’re doing some crazy hula hooping in the middle of the floor with the staff. Or really, they are doing some crazy hula hooping and you’re standing there holding your hoop and going yeah, awesome, I kinda wanna be just like you.

So if you’re into your fire sticks and pois and hula hoops and bean bags, or if you’re looking for a fun present, or if you just want to see what the fuck I’m talking about, totally check it out cos it’s pretty radtastic.


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10.00am to 5.30pm

Address :
1 Mater Street, Collingwood, 3066, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 03 9417 7772
Fax: 03 9417 7878

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