Dream Supernatural Boyfriend

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman in True Blood

Eric is hot because he is mean. He is HOT and mean. He is smooth talking, sarcastic, suave, cheeky, and basically a Bad Man. He also oozes sex appeal and he is the type of man a Catholic schoolgirl would have rape fantasies about. Eric is hot because he is the creme de la creme and could seriously fuck up anyone who kinda pissed you off. Essentially, he can ‘protect and look after.’ But it’s the Mean. Why do girls like Mean? Why is it, when you put some Mean onto some Hot all of a sudden you have a knicker tingle like no other?

Eric also can cry in a very manly way. That’s the same kinda hot as being good with kiddies. RE: Rhett Butler.

Eric is a blood-sucking, pasty white vampire. He can also fly. HE CAN FLY. It’s like dating Superman’s hotter, more badass, younger brother. And everyone knows younger brothers are hotter then the older brothers. It’s a Known Fact.


Check out that bow and arrow action. Sure, his hair is all pretty and kinda gay but whatever. Did you see the  bit where he flipped on to the horse that time? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

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