Dream Boyfriend from a fictional ye olde novel

“I’m riding you with a slack rein, my pet, but don’t forget that I’m riding with curb and spurs just the same.”

– Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler


Rhett Butler is hot cos he knows about lady things without being totally gay about it. He’s also so hot because he doesn’t take Scarlett’s shit and I’m pretty sure he would be an awesome Lover. That’s right – LOVER. You can tell cos there’s this bit in the book where Scarlett’s all like, sex is some bullshit thing that we Southern ladies have to endure (but in a more ladylike way somewhat) and then she has a Night Of Passion with Rhett and she’s TOTALLY down with The Shag.

Rhett is also hot because he gives the finger to all the uptight Southerners and gets rich and is good with kiddies. He rocks. I wish he was real and totally my boyfriend.

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