Why Ladybugs are Evil.

An evil ladybug hatching secret evil plans to take over the planet.

I am scared of, and hate with a passion, ladybugs. They trick you. They crawl on your arm, and you’re like, heeeey ladybug, let’s put you on this little leaf here. And so you do and you go inside, and you open the fridge to get like, some milk or something, and you look down and the ladybug is back on your arm. And you’re all, that’s so weird, the ladybug is back, I was pretty certain I put him on leaf just a minute ago. So you put down the milk and go outside and you put the ladybug on ANOTHER leaf feeling all virtuous that you’re ‘saving’ this ladybug and making him happy all chilling out on the leaf and shit.

And then you might leave your house, and get on a train or something, and you go all the way across the city and you get off the train and you feel a tickle on your arm and you look down and SOMEHOW THE LADYBUG IS BACK.

What. The. Fuck. The above is an Actual True Story.

Ladybugs are evil. They are just another bug that looks pretty and this is on PURPOSE so they can manipulate the human race. Don’t trust that shit.

14 responses to “Why Ladybugs are Evil.

  1. merilla and kaylee

    Ladybugs are NOT evil who ever agrees with this is a STUPID person. 😡

  2. the one who post this article is one of those haters in the world.

  3. From Wikipedia:
    In parts of Northern Europe, tradition says that a persons wish is granted if a ladybird lands on them (this tradition lives on in North America, where children capture a ladybug, make a wish, and then “blow it away” back home to make the wish come true). In Italy, it is said by some that if a ladybird flies into a bedroom, it is considered good luck. In central Europe, a ladybird crawling across a girl’s hand is thought to mean she will get married within the year. In some cultures they are referred to as fortune bugs

  4. Ladybugs are so disgusting! I’m glad somebody is finally trying to expose their true nature.

    • I am abssessed with Ladybugs I LOVE THEM.My calendars are all Ladybugs
      I have a Ladybug bracelet,Whenever I see something with a Ladybug on it I have to get it.Ladybugs are good luck.Please do not ever kill a Ladybug.
      They are adorable,and they do no arm to aything.

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  6. sure you hate the ladybug. Why.Because words like evil and hate shows fear and ignorance not to mention God gave this creature big job to do she loves aphids and spider mites.I bet your buds go snap crackle pop when smokin it. If you would have let her stay home instead of dragging her across town it would taste better [BUD]

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  8. ladybugs are indeed evil!

  9. I sortof kinda agree with him. I mean he is right ladybugs always appear back so this makes sense but the whole take over the world thing just a funny story some people are sooo gullible and i’m like 12 soo if you are an adult try thinking about THAT!

  10. OMG. I really thought I was the only one. they are evil and they creep me out!!!

  11. you people are retarded.

    a ladybug ate my grandmother. started with her heel, and bored straight up to her brain. how else can you explain that we all saw it on her foot, and then later on her head?

    if that’s not evil, nothing is, and you can read that right there in the bible.

  12. If a ladybug lands on you it is not evil, it meens you’ll have good luck.consi

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